Our Divorce Didn't Work Out: Discovering Healing on the Other Side of Pain

Coming February 15, 2021

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Do you have a painful story? Maybe you’re living one right now. Traylor and Melody Lovvorn know God uses painful stories—even broken marriages and families—to make himself known and introduce his wonderfully scandalous grace.

Our Divorce Didn’t Work Out is the personal story of Traylor and Melody Lovvorn, who were married for eleven years before Traylor’s secret struggle with pornography and sexual sin ripped their family apart. 

Melody was left to pick up the pieces of her husband’s betrayal when their children were five, four, two, and six months old. After six years of divorce, God brought about a miraculous restoration, and Traylor and Melody remarried, discovering true healing and intimacy on the other side of pain.

Through this inspirational, powerful book, the Lovvorns share biblical wisdom and hope for a painfully redemptive story. By revealing their own challenging journey, men and women can look at the hurt in their own stories with fresh eyes to see how God is at work in their pain.

Shame works to keep us alone and isolated, and it pushes us away from healing community. Through examples in Our Divorce Didn’t Work Out, the Lovvorns lovingly guide readers to reinterpret stories from their past and identify the faulty messages they have believed to be true about themselves, about God, and about the world around them.


A former pastor and church planter, Traylor Lovvorn had been married for eleven years when his secret struggle with pornography and sexual sin ripped his family apart. After six years of divorce, God brought about a miraculous restoration, and he reconciled and remarried his ex-wife, Melody. Recognized as an expert in the areas of sexual addiction, pornography, and Christ-centered recovery, Tray regularly shares his reconciliation story in churches, on college campuses, and conferences. Through his non-profit ministry, Undone Redone, he provides life and marriage coaching, recovery intensives, marriage conferences, digital safety seminars, and assists churches in creating healing communities.

Melody Lovvorn graduated from Samford University with a degree in music education and vocal performance. She was a music teacher for years before deciding to raise her children and teach fitness full time. Melody uncovered her husband's betrayal in 2000, when her children were five, four, two, and six months old. After walking her own path of healing and wholeness, Melody and Tray remarried in 2008. Along with her husband, Melody has been devoted to walking with others who are currently living through the pain and trauma of a partner's betrayal. She is passionate about facilitating a weekly women's group; educating and creating awareness to students, families and communities on prevention; protecting children in the digital age; and healthy sexuality. She also spends time building relationships with at-risk women and sex-trafficked victims.

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