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What Others Are Saying about Jack Miller

Founder of Serge and the New Life Presbyterian Network of Churches


Some of today’s most influential pastors and leaders—including Tim Keller—have been deeply marked by Jack Miller and his admonition to “preach the gospel to yourself every day.” Discover what they have to say about this new collection of Jack Miller’s sermons, then explore them for yourself. 

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Kathy and I went to Gordon-Conwell Seminary together in the early '70s and there studied under Richard Lovelace, whose teaching on revival and renewal had profoundly moved us and changed us personally. But we didn’t know how to translate it into local church ministry until we came under the influence of Jack and Rose Marie Miller during our stay in Philadelphia and New Life Church from 1984 to 1989. Then we began to see how gospel renewal fleshed itself out in preaching, worship, evangelism, missions, and social justice. Lovelace taught the theory, but Jack showed us the practice, and this ignited a desire in me to start a church and ministry where I could do what I learned at New Life. There would never have been a Redeemer Church in New York City without the impact of Jack and Rose Marie on our lives and hearts.
Tim Keller
Senior Pastor, Redeemer Church (New York, NY)

My encounter with Jack Miller came when Tremper Longman and I walked into a faculty and student gathering. We saw about fifteen students standing around Jack and we sidled up to the periphery to hear what was so compelling. After a few minutes I turned to Tremper and said, “I’m getting out of here.” We walked over to get some punch and he asked, “What’s wrong?” As a barely believing young believer, I had no categories to factor what I heard, nor do I remember what he was saying, but I said to Tremper, “I don’t know why I am so spooked, but I think that man could get me to go to Africa.” Jack spoke with a quiet, humble, burning-ember passion and the haunting, winsome fragrance of the gospel swirled around and through him. I have never lost the desire to carry the fragrance of gospel passion I imbibed from him.
Dan Allender
Professor of Counseling, The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

I have long admired the teachings of Jack Miller, a heroic and godly saint of our age from whom I have gained much in my walk with Christ. And now, Jack’s best insights from years of studying the Word of God are here in this one important collection. If you are looking for sermons that will frame your day in wisdom and godly guidance, this audio collection is for you.
Joni Eareckson Tada
Founder/CEO Joni and Friends International Disability Center

We are simple people. We can truly learn, believe, and do only one thing at a time. That’s why Jack Miller’s sermons prove to be so wise and helpful. They invite you to take in one good thing today. This one good thing, taken to heart, changes you. You become brighter, calmer, steadier. You become more grateful, more purposeful, more generous. It’s simply true.
David Powlison
Executive Director, CCEF; author 

What could be better than having Jack Miller help us "preach the gospel to our own hearts" daily? This is a treasure of grace in daily devotionals that continually take us from self to Christ—our holiness, righteousness, and redemption.
Bryan Chapell
Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church; president emeritus, Covenant Seminary; author, Christ-Centered Preaching and Holiness by Grace

Jack Miller was a work of God’s Spirit, and the Spirit used him to change my life. When he preached, he had a way of catching you up in his contagious joy—a joy that flowed directly out of the grace of the gospel. Listen to these sermons and your life will change!
Charles Morris  
Speaker & President of HAVEN Today

Okay, I’ll own my bias up front. No one has had a greater impact on my life for the gospel than Jack Miller—no one. That being said, I am thrilled, stoked, fired-up, and many other appellations of joy about this audio collection. Those who never got to hear Jack preach will now get to savor the gospel-sanity, kingdom joy, and missional vision of the man who threw the curtains wide open on Jesus and his grace for so many of us.
Scotty Ward Smith
Founding Pastor of Christ Community Church; Teacher in Residence at West End Community Church; author of Everyday Prayers

One time when I was in my first year at Westminster, Jack sought to explain to me his vision of the gospel’s transforming power and how that affected his thinking about ministry. I felt like either he or I was from Mars, as his gospel “accent” was so foreign to my high-D, in-control-all-the-time nature. I was, of course, the one out of contact with the biblical stream, and only years later did it begin to dawn on me that I was a lot worse than I thought and a lot more loved than I could imagine. It was Jack who taught me—no, showed me—the wonder of adoption through justification.
Joseph “Skip” Ryan
Chancellor and Professor of Practical Theology, Redeemer Seminary (Dallas, TX)

I’m thankful to Jack Miller. He was faithful to preach and teach about God’s radical grace—in spite of the angry criticism he received—until his Home going. I guess I can do the same until I get Home. Then I’ll tell him again what his faithfulness meant to me.
Steve Brown
Key Life radio broadcaster, Professor Emeritus of Preaching and Pastoral Ministry, Reformed Theological Seminary

No pastor ever pressed me to see my sin while simultaneously pressing me to see my Savior with greater wisdom and fruitfulness in my life. He loved me deep and challenged me true . . . .
Joseph V. Novenson
Senior Teaching Pastor, Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church (Lookout Mountain, TN)

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